Your 2018 #PopDownElections Primer – Should You Vote? What to Watch? Who Will Win?



Only the Good Lord™ and Freundel Stuart knew when the next general elections would be in Barbados.


(Source: Nation News/One Caribbean Media Corp)

Now that Freundel has been fuct to rouse himself from whaever realm he resides in, here are several burning questions you could and should be asking yourself during the leadup to elections 2018 (minus the romanticised BS you might read elsewhere):


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One thing we know: Elections 2018 could be as ‘early’ as mid May and as late as June 6

Freundel finally ‘gave it up’. Elections will be held on the 24th of May, 2018.

Now we got that part covered…



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As somebody who studies these things, I can tell you it’s actually a pretty bad f*cking idea NOT to vote. Yet people do it all the time, and I can understand the reasons why:


– Disenfranchisement by the State
– Lack of options/tired of the same choices (also known as six a one, half dozen a the next)
– Politicians don’t care/Nothing ever changes
– And, the worst – a perceived lack of involvement in the political process once elections are over


Just so you know though – the eff up thing about national elections is that you DO end up voting, even when you DON’T go and vote. YOU help elect whoever ends up in office, even when you don summuch iz fart in the direction of a polling station.


Why ?


‘Cause when you play you’s a bad john(ny) making a statement by not voting, what you don’t realise is that you’re actually registering your non vote and joining in whatever the prevailing trend is for the election. Iz like electing a Government by default instead of by intention, and the last few years should show you that the (lack of) policies a Government passes can directly impact on you as an individual. If not on you, then on your family or friends.


So, my advice ? Inasmuch as a birthright is being extended to you, use it. That way, even if you don’t get the outcome you want (the lesser of evils), you at least wouldn’t be able to count yourself amongst the 100,000 or so odd people who ain vote, yet help produce a sh**ey election result by doing NAFFING. Sitting down home, feeling like a c*nt and looking at (another) five years.


So we voting or wha, papa ? Good. Onto…


The current state of politics in Barbados is more a case of ‘what isn’t’ than ‘what is’, and less than meets the eye.

Image result for royal rumble gif

(Source: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc)

Still, somebody gotta govern, so here are the options and scenarios courting your ‘X’ this time around:


– DEM AGAIN ?????

Image result for dems now dems again

…is something that could happen rrrrreal easy, boy. If they play their cards right. And if they play voters right, as is their custom these days.


The saddest thing in life right now is a hardcore Democratic Labour Party supporter. Not because they literally sad, but ’cause they think Dem party is the same one Errol Barrow dead and lef, 30+ years ago.


Any attempt to converse with hardcore Dems about the state of affairs their government has been presiding over in Bim instantly becomes a convo about the Opposition and Opposition Leader, and how unfit they are to lead. Yuh know when somebody KNOW they ain got a point, but arguing anyway ? Can’t boast bout Sandy, can’t boast bout Freundel nor party achievements, so what else is there to talk about but how evil and unsuited “the Other Party” is for leadership ?


This is why hardcore Dems can still be counted on to vote Dem in May 2018. More discerning Dems might be planning to ‘stand home’, but also might be pressured into voting by hardcore Dem friends and family closer to Election Day. All of that, plus the 100,000 or so people who may not vote, plus any of the political crassness that has become the Dems’ latest trademark give more than enough reason NOT to discount them from this race.


The last Nation/CADRES poll showed that the Dems are currently polling historical levels of swing AWAY from their government, but the last Election result should also show you that it ain’t over til it’s over.



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(Source: Warner Bros Entertainment Inc)

Do the Bees simply get better looking the stinker the south coast gets ?


Do they simply become more attractive with every passing budget and credit downgrade ?


Is the main thing they have going for them the fact that they’re NOT the DLP Government ?

Are they being pushed into office because people want them, or pulled due to the weakness of the Dems ?


Could they form an even WEAKER Government than the Dems ??


Are they simply projecting a unified front to the public only to wait until after the Election to start suing one another fresh, like last time around ?


For the first time ever, one feels unsure of the exact branding of the Barbados Labour Party. I mean, the Bees certainly know the stakes are high. The first time the long-standing BLP rep for my area ever salt to appear outside my house to court my vote was in 2017. As if he did giving a ____ bout my vote the last however many Elections before this one. Somebody also (clearly) finally get round to giving hugs to all the BLP supporters jaded after the 2008 and 2013 Elections (jaded refrain: “wunna did want change!!!”); indeed, this might be the most meek an mild setta Bees YET!


Don’t mind any of the blah blah hype telling you otherwise, though – Bdos Elections 2018 are really all about Mia Mottley. Since the party in power are doing ALL THEY POSSIBLY CAN to HAND Mia the reins of power (Huh fuh dis!!!), really the election will be a referendum on whether Bajans finally feel they ready for ‘Prime Minister Mia Mottley’. If not…after waiting in the wings fa the Lord knows how long, she ca wells pack up and ga home.


…and BWA and UWI and FBI and CIA and RSPCA.

Sorry…I get lil carried way with the names there.

Every time I see one of the new hopeful parties presenting a new candidate, calling an ‘emergency press conference’ (HA!!!), or announcing a merger, I think “Cadear, they trying”.
Do any of them aspire to form a government, or merely to win a seat ? Unless their candidates have the mass appeal of a Donald Trump, who managed to convert support from people not accustomed voting, then they will need to erode popular support from either one of the two major parties in order to take flight. And how and when exactly do they hope to do this ? Why would someone give their vote to the NBKA or UPP, instead of the BLP for example ? Are those credible options to win the Election, or to lead the country ? Do they hope to win or just be nuisances ?

Everything suggests that most, if not all of the new parties are banking on the basic hope that Bajans ALREADY jaded enough with the Bees and Dems enough to cast a vote or few in a new direction.

Which is a HaHa Why So Serious moment in and of itself since, to start with, a basic problem with the new parties is that they got so damn many of them for jaded voters to choose from. Vote for the U-Pees ?? Or the Pees ?? Wa bout the Ns ?? Or the new Bees ?? Or the S-O-Bees ?? This could be one reason why these hopefuls been finding it so easy to merge their efforts – can’t tell them apart don cay how you try.


Bajans only been complaining forever and a day that there is no third party in Barbados (When really the reason there ain no third party in Bdos is because those SAME COMPLAINING BAJANS don’t ever support minor parties – or not the NDP could be a thing ALL NOW!!!)

Bajans can’t complain this time around though; instead of a third party, they’ve got a third, fourth, fifth…
…and sixth, and seventh…and eighth.

Matter a fact – don be at all surprised if a ninth and tenth pop up before Nomination Day (May 7). Gawleh.

Them’s the Dems, Bees and the rest – the people who want your X. But what about the people who actually go out and do the (dirty) work of voting ? After all it ain what political parties try to sell (or buy from) voters that’s the problem. It’s ultimately what voters are collectively willing to swallow and accept.



Some people – the intelligentsia of a country – prefer neither to sell their vote, nor to vote person or party. Maybe this describes you.

Instead you carefully assess the issues of the day and choose the best option available to you based on political parties’ five-year plans & their proposed approach to implementing policies once in office. Sounds great. Only ONE problem w/this: As I told you above, options pretty f*cking slim at present and somebody gotta govern.

In light of this, you may be planning to stop home on Election day – bad idea, addressed this above.

You may have been waiting waaaaitingggggg on this campaign period to make a decision – bad idea, addressed this five years ago – (see link bottom of post – election campaigns not geared towards thinking-ass You).

Or, you may be one of those people who dissect every statement from a leading politician, and can’t believe the Good Lord™ grant you the good fortune to live in the times of the Internet and social media – mo’ platforms, soapboxes and built-in audiences than you know wa to do wid. And one of these days – ONE OF THESE DAYS – maybe the perfect manifesto will be presented to satisfy you and all of the pocket gurus, keyboard warriors and heroes who inhabit the Internet.

But I promise you 2018 won’t be THAT election. The Bees presented their privatization plan prior to the last Election and promptly lost – having been dissected by thinking folk such as yourself.

My advice to you: Don’t out-think yourself by having conversations you know you can’t finish. Don’t demand things you only want to pick to pieces. Don’t talk sh*t just to sound smart to people. Don’t try to create an accommodation where there are zero alternatives. Don’t create a situation you don’t want by holding out for something you do want.


Image result for money election

(Source: The Washington Post)

2 things certain in life: Death.
And what Bajans can tief, they WILL tief.

Did I say tief ? I meant “help themselves to”.

Whatever Bajans feel they can “help themselves to” and get away with, they will do so.

Not AWL Bajans of course. You’re there reading this saying “I bajan and I don tief!” Congrats – your pat on the head awaits you in the Kingdom of Heaven. For those who do help themselves though – helping themselves to lil cash in exchange for their X is no different.

The freshly-crowned DLP made a show of addressing vote-buying from the winning platform when the issue arose in 2013, but have done nothing to address it since. So here we are sauntering to that election date, and what is to stop political parties from descending on the hand-outstretched masses once again ? Absolutely nada.

The irony of course is that vote-buying is encouraged by political parties based on the assumption that large numbers of people are too jaded with what they [those same parties] are offering to otherwise vote. Also ironic: THE LEVEL OF IMPACT ANY VOTE-BUYING HAS ON THE FINAL ELECTION RESULT WILL BE LARGELY DETERMINED BY THE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T VOTE. In other words when you don’t vote, you strengthen the impact of people who do vote but for a price and THEY help determine YOUR Government for the next 5 years.

May seem like I belabouring a point now, but these are all pieces of the pie you have to live with for the next 5 years.

So…last question:


Nah, y’all ain fooling me with THAT one this toss. The reality, as ever, is that there are trends but how these trends hold up depends on how fickle/indecisive Bajan voters may be in the endgame. We either looking at a surprise win, or a historical loss. Will we see another 2013 ? Don’t lemme ask any more questions, cuz I sure you feel as though you had enough questions for now.

Let me just say: Go out and vote.
The pickings slim, yes.
But go out and vote.
And stay tuned for more posts like these right up til Elections (Freundel come THRUUU!!!)

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Lastly: Election campaigns aren’t geared towards thinking ass you! Click to read → my old blog post Things I Learned During Barbados’ Elections 2013

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