#PopDownElections – Why Politics and Religion Don’t Fcuking Mix


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CAN I GET AN…??? (Source: Buzzfeed)

Politics in Barbados is a fete.

Politicians, their parties & bases are the performers.

And you – the voting public – are the fete patrons.

You know, from going fetes in Barbados, that the quickest way for a performer to get “the crowd in he hand” is to start playing “chi chi man” tunes, or by invoking the name of the Lord


Politics ain no different. Politicians got as little interest in your spirituality as performers do, yet they also want to get the crowd in them hand.

Except…politicians are people entrusted to lead, not a crowd but a country of all races and faiths, and not just the faith they choose to spout bout. In reality they should never be bout in pulpits on platforms politicking bout morals, beliefs, or (Christian) God.

Yay though I walk through the valley of death, I here to help you see thru the bullsh*t. Religion and morals in politics are (have been and will always be) used:

– Sporadically, selectively, & conveniently;

– For politicians’ selfish interests;

– To control and bring “the crowd” (the voting majority) to where politicians want the crowd to be.

Politicians don’t really care about your beliefs. Here are the deeper truths behind every cliched pseudo-spiritual political sound bite you can think of:


1. “We need to preserve the moral fabric of society”




Politicians been weaponizing “the moral fabric of society” left right & centre since Mia Mottley take lead of the BLP (can’t think WHY) but the biggest bellylaugh is watching politicians hop on and off the moral high ground during these #PopDownElections.

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Bajans probably more studying the sins Government been committing against them these last 10 years, but The ‘legalizing of gayness’ is a rhetoric that plays on the fear – ‘everything gay’ will become the norm in a Christian society, if you vote for the wrong people. Of all the issues affecting people who are LGBTQ, gay marriage is THEE favourite for politicians to hit on.

Why ?

Not because LGBTQ Barbados on the front lines really pushing for anyone to be married, but because politicians assume they can stir heterosexuals into believing their values – the family, the foundation of society  –  under attack, and then ride the anti-gay sentiment that goes along with that.

Of course politicians playing with people’s lives by

-Pitting greater society against them,

-Using them as a political football

-Further marginalizing LGBTQ people re issues they have no intention of addressing

but they figure “who cares except gay people” ?


2. “The only one who can save us is Jesus”


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Jesus – the convenient scapegoat


Ahhh yes – Jesus.

Well, not REALLY Jesus, but Jesus references.

How can you dispute Jesus in a Christian society with Christians ? What do you use to top Jesus ?

Jesus is the ultimate unseen authority Christian societies are taught to submit to. Of course we don’t physically see Jesus or hear Jesus (some people claim to), but – no matter your Christian beliefs, I promise you Jesus ain about to come through and govern your country.

Party supporters name-drop Jesus to end conversations – as a debating weapon, when  convenient, to dismiss people.

3. “God has his hand in the election”

“God will have the last say”

“We will leave it up to God”

“All we can do now is pray”




If it ain direct references to Jesus, it’s broad references to a higher power – a Christian higher power (the only one that counts!) – to help avoid accountability.

When they recognize a statement against them as fact, and they have no counterargument, political types try to derail it by making some reference to God or prayer.


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(Source: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.)


4. “Make the right decision on Election Day”

“Lift up the Prime Minister”

“Pray for [X leader] to lead the country against those who would lead it astray”


This is really just an endorsement.

Religious leaders rope sheepish church members into their political associations and personal biases with pseudo-spiritual rhetoric bout “Who God wants to lead” THEIR country, steada encouraging members to form their own INDEPENDENT opinions.

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Like so…


Picture a political gospel rally – a free event, open to the public and held during the height of an election campaign.

People sing. People dance. An international artist comes all the way from overseas to entertain the crowd. The artist asks the congregation those gathered to “lift the Prime Minister up in prayer” even as he/she petitions God to guide the PM’s leadership over the land for another 5 years.

Reality: This artist may well be hearing of your country for the first time. The only reason the artist gives a f*ck about which party wins THIS election, is because they are the ones who will be writing his cheque at the end of the night.


5. We=Good, They=Evil/Any references to Us vs Them


This is plain old party politics parading as religious righteousness.

The politician, political actor or yardfowl flies into the fray spouting bout “God’s Chosen” or “God’s Army”, even though this makes ZERO SENSE in the non-Christian world.

If you believe the idea that one party or politician filled with virtue while their opponent is not, it means you probably been buying into politicians’ hypnosis


Image result for hypnotized cartoon gif

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(Source: Fox Broadcating Company/20th Television)


bout “claiming the moral high ground”.



Politics is a self-serving profession – politicians ultimately go where the crowd is, or bring the crowd to them. One or two of them may be genuinely Christian in their beliefs, but don’t ever feel politicians wun just as quickly align themselves wid Islam, Bahá’í or even LGBTQ people, if they felt thats where the crowd is.

God causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust, but politicians most interested in making it rain on the people they want to support them.


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