Who Mo’ Bajan – Me or You? A challenge to beat my most Bajan Bajanisms

Turn up yuh mudda


Independence here again, peoples: 

Image result for whatsapp sparkle emojiNAMBA 52Image result for whatsapp sparkle emoji

So you know wa dah mean, right ? Iz time, my fellow Ba’badians, to tuuuuuuurn up yah Bajaaaaann!!!

Dah is wa YOU’S ta turn up!

Becausin, along wid conkies and national colours, wa more Bajan than your vernacular – the language uz speak when de day come? Your first language, befo’ English.

So hear de deal –

 I senning and calling you to challenge you to a good old-fashion Bajan duel. This blog post got in a few a MY favourite Bajanisms – in each case I tell you wa makes my word/phrase suh very basic Bajan, and I want you fight me: Comment, message me, email me or @ me on any social media platform I on, and see if your faves could outdo my faves, fa Bajanness. Share de post and challenge ya frens!


And if you ain gather yet…one mo ting! If you easily offended, you pan de WRONG FAKN BLOG POST! Now is de time to click away, and find uself elsewhere! Conservative Johnny like you!



bin Laden



(Most catchall bajanism)

Image result for do the hokey pokey gif
Turning a pokey around – is THAT what it’s all about lil man, you SURE ? *Cackle* (Source: CBS Television Distribution/Viacom Inc.)


An unfortunately vulgar reference to a woman’s ‘fronts’. 

A word that’s get use to harass (young) women while they bout the place bout their bizness, in beautiful Barbados.

Still, as a word by itself “pokey” is a Bajanism that – in 2 syllables – manages to capture all the harsh, hardcore, cut-to-the-quick gawdbleh goodness that is Bajan dialect.

Leh dah ton-a-brick Bajan land pun you ears, pronouncing the word slowly, as you ponder it meaning:



Get you the type a female friends who’s use the word “pokey” when referring to dum own lady parts. 

Who mo Bajan ? Bring me your most catchall Bajanism: ________________


(Most evocative bajanism)

Image result for shitting gif


A word that captures awl the stench, and nastiness of the fecal matter that the word is used to refer to.

‘Specially when placing stress on the first syllable a the word –



You could smell de stinkness, as you pronounce de word.

Example: “Things brown (!) when a Minister decides to go and bathe in Joh-bee to show the public it is okay to bathe in Joh-bee too!”

In more recent years, I more hear “jobby” get use in Bim to describe things of little worth.

Your most evocative Bajanism: ________________



& all its variations

(Most versatile Bajanism)

Image result for dumb and dumber toilet gif
(Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Another reference to fecal matter, but wid subtle differences from jobby (dis where my semantics as a linguist come in). 

Shite mo’ used to express disgust wid a person, people or things.

“You doing bare shite!”

Of course if you ain the type to use profanities, you may also be the type to leggo a “jobby!” in places where others would normally step into “shite” territory.

I simply argue that “Shite” is the most versatile of Bajan words. Consider these variations:


Image result for hound dog gif
You ain’t nothing but a hound dog shitehound (Source: Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.)

“Dah man that bus man beat is a real shitehound”

A person of little capability.

The image of a dog – a hound – with such poor breeding it does spend it days sniffing up, kissing up the behinds of other dogs steada pursuing anything a real value.

Not to confused with…


Related image
Wa ya’s get when ya Google “shitefish” (not really doh… Source: summerpoolfloats.com)

Equally shitey, and probably of similar origin. Except into sniffing behind edda fish steada dogs.

Shiteing round


Related image
(Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

“Tell George stop shiteing round!!”

When a person seem to be wasting time steada making a serious move. The image of “doing crap” when mo serious things require your attention.

De shiteings

Fa when you or anedda person got diarrhea.

A bariffle a shite

A large (and unreasonable) amount of shite.

Bariffle ca be used for other things too but I only ever hear “a bariffle a “shite”. And every time I hear it, I Lav it (the saying, not the shite).

Warm-over shite

Image result for brown substance cooking gif

When someting not only looks or feels bad, but looks or feels bad times 2!

Honourable mention: NOT A SHITE A DAT!


Your most versatile Bajanism: ________________


Image result for johnny gif
(Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Used like “jackass”, but way, way worse.

“You, ya johnny!!”

A reference to a man’s genitals; hence used on occasion in the plural.

“Cah you johnnies!”

Funny how misusing a name could end up sounding like one a the worst possible insults.


Your most bastardized Bajanism: ________________


Image result for sex cartoon gif

Rinse-out sex.

Disrespectful sex.

Done by one person to another (or by several people, to several other people).

One a my favourite bajan words to use, and yet its variations summuch funnier.

-Hol’ a foop.

-A foopdown.

-A foopstick.

-A old foopster.

-Foop down the place.

-Put down a boss foop.

One thing fa sure: One is never fooped respectfully.

Dis one both evocative and versatile, so I will just call it my favourite (bad-word) Bajanism.

Your favourite Bajanism: ________________

Horse (Verb)

Related image
He horse out he gun.  (Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Usually horse out, or horse off.

To take out or take off someting, wid quickness.

Any and every time Bajans use de word ‘horse’ as a verb, I here for it.


Best grammatical misuse of a word in Bajan: ________________

IZ True 



Image result for nodding gif
All Tagedda Now: “IZ CHEW” (Source: National Broadcasting Company)

Convenient filler phrase/response used when one has nothing further to add to a conversation

I really need to explain dis ??

I double dog dare you to bring me a Bajanism more everyday dan “iz TRUE”.

Unless you live in a cave, this is a Bajanism you hear fly out the mout of any given person at any given time on any given day.

All now you there reading dis and nodding in agreement, muttering iz true on-neet you bref.

Your most Everyday Bajanism: ________________

Bonus: Maulsprig

Related image

To take a huge bite of something, or finish a meal at light speed.

Maulsprig is a two fa one Bajan word that also brings to mind all the lickrishness that we accept to be part of Bajan.

I giving folks ample opportunity to beat me, by including a bonus.

Your best 2 fa 1 Bajanism: ________________

Favourites, but didn’t make the cut

Eye pestle

One hard lash

Piss in muh pocket 

He/she ain sure 

Skinning cuffins

I ain gaw tell you

Cry a breadfruit 

Watch ya sauce/Mind your [anything]/Mind wa concern you

Pull (loud)

Long out (verb)

The Lord don come, but he’s send

Any Bajan use of the word “Wait”





Chops long out

Mout hang _____ fashion

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Or leave a comment pun dis post. 

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2 thoughts on “Who Mo’ Bajan – Me or You? A challenge to beat my most Bajan Bajanisms

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog Corey, it had muh dedding. One correction to the list…It is cry a yam as i knew it growing up. I think Cah yuh ass should get an honourable mention too.


    1. Right on both counts! I considered carr yuh…but it had too many possible endings, and I never finished all of them in my head. As fuh breadfruit – I get that one from my brudda and I sticking to it!

      Glad you enjoyed!


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